World of Work: Career Festival 2023

Date: 31 Aug 2023

Venue address:
Sun Exhibits, GrandWest, Goodwood, Cape Town

Tel: (021) 201 7241

The details

FutureMe calls on CEOs, MDs, GMs, and all business owners to exhibit and support this dynamic youth initiative that continues to make a positive impact on learners seeking post-high school guidance.

FutureMe's career festival connects young individuals with the world of work and aims to expand career horizons through inspiring young people to pursue employment opportunities from the diverse range of exciting job possibilities showcased annually at WoW. The festival thrives on the participation of vibrant South African industries, ensuring attendees leave feeling motivated and hopeful about the available options open to them after high school.
Grade 10 and Grade 11 learners from the Western Cape can expect first-hand experience of real workplace opportunities in various industries, such as retail management, recycling, finance, healthcare, data analytics, event planning, hospitality, engineering, architecture, building management, and more. These immersive experiences provide valuable insights of which learners may not otherwise be aware.

Furthermore, FutureMe has developed a series of youth talent development programs to assist corporate clients in meeting their strategic objectives in this regard. These programs are designed to bridge the gap between South Africa's youth and the employment sector. Assisting young people in developing self-awareness and work readiness skills whilst at the same time experiencing critical career exposure with many of SA's much loved brands. These are tools that empower promising individuals, particularly crucial in a time when South Africa's unemployment rate is at an all-time high and matriculants face challenging odds. The emphasis on developing soft skills, building self-confidence, and raising awareness is vital in attracting employers and helps ensure young people are equipped to contribute to a positive workplace environment.

The WoW festival shares a different narrative about career opportunities in South Africa, highlighting the availability of jobs and the potential for young people to make a difference. The FutureMe team firmly believes in the future of South Africa and is committed to harnessing the potential of young people, preparing them, equipping bright minds, and nurturing them to become invaluable assets in the business arena.

Through WoW, FutureMe is dedicated to ensuring that the future workforce is in capable hands.

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