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Warren Cary Wildlife Gallery

Event information

Hoedspruit: the gateway to some the best wildlife parks and game reserves in South Africa, was the perfect location for a gallery, and in 2017, Cary, along with three other founding artists, including artist Kim Kay, opened the doors to the Warren Cary Wildlife Gallery.

The space showcases top South African artists and sculptors. It has attracted a number of talented creators across a range of mediums and showcases various wildlife art viewpoints.

The gallery’s services include wildlife artwork sales across all mediums including bronze sculptures; packaging and shipping of works worldwide; showcasing of guest and emerging artists; exhibitions, auctions and wildlife fund raising functions; and coordination of commissions by resident artists. They also offer art investment purchasing advice; lodge and residential site visit advisory on artwork purchasing, collecting and placement; as well as art lessons, workshops and art safaris.

Date: Weekdays

Time: 8am to 4pm

Venue address: 1st Floor Parker Building, Main Rd (R527), Hoedspruit

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Wheelchair accessibility: Yes


Tel: 076 811 5654





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