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The Organic Experience

Event information

The Organic Experience is a one of a kind tour where guests take a journey through Johannesburg's “bertrams” to learn about how they were created and how to grow organic food sustainably. Guests will interact with farmers and conclude the tour ends with a delicious organic meal prepared straight from the earth to their plates.

The Johannesburg “bertrams” are old and unused spaces that have been transformed into eco-friendly spaces, co-working spaces and urban farms. With organic food becoming more and more expensive and food security becoming a real issue in South Africa, this tour teaches guests how to grow organic food and become self-sustaining without spending money. The tour starts at the valley and moves to urban farms to show the importance of eating organic.

The tour is a learning experience, as guests not only learn how to start their own food garden, but also how to use it to improve health and understand the healing powers that can be found in organic produce. Guests interact with farmers and professionals who will share tips they learned from their many years as growers.

The tour includes a deliciously prepared organic meal and fresh-squeezed orange juice prepared from one of the farms. The chef also takes time to teach about healthy eating and how it should be an integral part of our lifestyles. Tours last approximately four hours and can be booked on Sundays from the Honest Travel Experiences website.

Date: Booking required

Time: Booking required

Venue address: 10 Juta St, Johannesburg

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Wheelchair accessibility: Unknown

Tel: 072 640 5704



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