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Sudwala Dinosaur Park

Event information

Sudwala Dinosaur Park, opened in 1977, features a 25 to 30 minute outdoor walk through a beautiful sub-tropical area next to the Sudwala Caves.

The Park displays 35 life-size models of pre-historic animals, ranging from amphibious reptiles, anicient reptiles, dinosaurs, pre-historic mammals and pre-historic man as well as live Nile crocodiles. The new viewing deck additionally provides a magnificent view over the Houtbosloop valley.

The Park's displays are scientifically accurate representations of the development of life through the different ages. Skeletons of amphibians, homo sapiens and the 'footprints' of dinosaurs provide a story of ancient life. A feature of further interest are the forms of the famous Mr and Mrs Pless - million year old southern apes that set off debates on mankind's origin.

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Venue address: Sudwala Dinosaur Park, Nelspruit, Mpumalanga

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Wheelchair accessibility: Unknown


Tel: 081 043 0706





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