Peppa Pig


Date: 6-8 September 2024

Time: From 11am

Venue address:
Artscape Opera House, D.F. Malan St, Foreshore, Cape Town

The details

Celebrating 20 years of muddy puddles – everyone's favourite pink superstar, Peppa Pig, jumps into theatres across the country in September

Presented in association with KFM in Cape Town, Peppa, George, Mummy & Daddy Pig are returning to South African shores in an incredible live show experience specially designed for young fans. From space rockets to starfish, exploding bubbles to Bing Bong singalongs - fans around can look forward to dancing, singing and jumping in muddy puddles ... just like Peppa!

Peppa Pig's meteoric rise in popularity reflects its universal appeal to children and families worldwide. The character's wholesome values and relatable themes resonate deeply with its audience, making it a beloved part of so many families.

The animated television series has been airing for 20 years, across nine seasons in over 180 territories. As a lifelong friend, Peppa Pig encourages kids to jump in together and explore the world around them, while giving kids the confidence to treat every first step as a new adventure, As Peppa continues to captivate audiences across continents, it's evident that the charm of this little piggy knows no bounds.

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Wheelchair accessibility: Unknown

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