Patisserie Femme


Date: 16-18 March

Time: 16 March 7.30pm, 17-18 March 4pm

Venue address:
10 Comprop Square Henry Vos Close, Asla Crescent, Somerset West Business Park

Tel: +27 73 215 2290

The details

Debut Production by new kids on the block Three Pillars Productions. Patisserie Femme is based in a bakery in the heart of Cape Town amidst an array of confectioneries. The performers take on a mockumentary, meta-theatre style of performance wherein they explore a bakery dedicated to selling not pastries, not cakes, but women.

We not only witness interesting employee interactions, but a few funny and heart wrenching confessions by key ingredients that live in the bakery pantry - namely The Cherry on Top & Yeast. Whilst being a hilarious watch, Patisserie Femme also tackles issues of society pushing certain conventions onto the bodies of women and references many a sexual innuendo.

From Sugar Babies to Buns in The Oven, this play is sure to make its audience think, laugh and most importantly, talk.

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Wheelchair accessibility: Unknown

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