National Conductors Convention


Date: 17-19 March

Time: Fri 6pm | Sat 7.30pm | Sun 9.30am

Venue address:
Convention Square, 1 Lower Long Street, Cape Town

The details

At the opening Gala Concert is a performance of Requiem of Solace, composed by Kim Andre Arneson under the baton of Renette Bouwer. Other performances are by the Cape Town Teachers' Ensemble conducted by Valetina Vorster and choirs. The soloists are Megan Gardner, and a child soloist, Sabina Sparg (St Cyprian’s).

The second day is the Convention Choral Celebration Festival showcasing some of the best of breed in the South African Choral Industry including Werner Stander of the Bloemfontein Children's Choir Sizwe Modlane of Veni Cantare and Leon Starker of Cape Town XVI.

The Convention Closing Concert features Dr Andre Thomas with his African American Spiritual Mass choir consisting of individual singers from across South Africa, and the University of Cape Town Choir under the baton of Karen Schofield-Nel.

Some of Ēriks Ešenvalds’ famous works are performed by individual singers from across South Africa, Cape Town Youth Choir under the baton of Leon Starker, and Amici de Lumine conducted by Michaelangelo Cloete.

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Wheelchair accessibility: Yes

Accessibility details: All rooms can be easily accessed – there are no raised doorsteps at the meeting venues. All exterior entrances to the venue have ramp access. The width of all doors has been designed to accommodate wheelchair access. Designated drop-off points at the main entrance of the venue have been allocated for the disabled. Auditorium 1 is equipped to accommodate designated seating positions for wheelchair users and Auditorium 2 can be suitably adjusted. The ramp at entrance 5 has been made accessible for wheelchairs during construction of the Sky Bridge. The reception counter in CTICC 2 has been modified with a low counter to accommodate clients, delegates and staff in wheelchairs to have access to the Centre’s reception staff. This area also features a ramp at the entrance of the counter. The door handles at the parking lot entrance to the CTICC 2 building have been installed at a low position and extended to ensure that people in wheelchairs are able to reach the door handles. Director buttons in lifts are positioned at a level to ensure they are accessible to wheelchair users. All lift buttons are labelled in braille in CTICC 1 and 2. All passenger lifts within the CTICC 2 are disabled friendly. Disabled toilets on all levels of the venue including the Management Offices. All components in the CTICC 2 disabled restrooms are installed at a low position to enable people in wheelchairs to reach the handtowels and hand sanitizer dispensers. The CTICC 2 building has disabled restrooms installed with Emergency call Devices which alerts Security in the control rooms and also anyone outside of the restroom that assistance is required in the restroom. Designated parking bays for the disabled in the Centre’s P3 and P5 parking areas have direct access to elevators which are designed to accommodate wheelchairs.

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