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Multiflora Flower Market

Event information

Multiflora in City Deep is the largest flower auction house and flower mall in Africa. The venue is used to auction one million flower stems daily to florists and wholesalers for distribution in cities in South Africa and other countries. The sensation of walking through the huge variety of flowers and smelling their fresh scents is unmatched by any venue in the country.

More than 80% of the flowers sold at Multiflora are grown less than 300 kilometres away from Johannesburg, with some coming from the Cape, KwaZulu Natal and other African countries. Multiflora not only sells to wholesalers but to the visitors coming to view their extensive “showroom”.

Visitors can purchase flowers at wholesale prices with fresher and better options than anywhere else. The famous Grandiflora is open for any decor needs and The Flower Cup cafe is open for coffee or a light snack. Even a bridal boutique with local and imported dresses can be found in the mall.

Gorgeous flower arrangements can also be made with packaging from the 16 agents that can be found in the flower mall. The fast-paced auctions are held on weekdays at 7 am.

Venue address: Multiflora Ctr, 1 Marjorie St, City Deep, Johannesburg

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Tel: 011 613 4011





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