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Kaapsehoop Adventures Tour

Event information

The Adam’s Calendar Tour, led by Kaapsehoop Adventures, is a tour of the mysterious stones in Kaapsehoop commonly referred to as the African Stonehenge. Pierre, 'the great storyteller', leads guests on a journey to discover the history and ancient power and mystery surrounding the megalithic stones.

The tour of this mysterious and rarely visited historical landmark also includes a picnic. The Kaapsehoop Adventures backpackers base additionally has rooms available for accommodation using solar, fire and gas as alternative energy sources.

Visitors to the base can partake in excursions to waterfalls, mountains and caves. Horseriding, hiking and mountain biking are some of the available activities, as well as sunrise and sunset picnics.

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Venue address: Coetzeestroom, Berlin Forestry, Kaapschehoop

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Wheelchair accessibility: Unknown


Tel: 082 452 9928




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