esCAPEart Workshop

Dates: 15 June 2021 to 19 July 2021

Venue address:
136 Dorp St, Stellenbosch

Tel: 079 022 1868

The details

esCAPEart, in the cultural and artistic hub of Stellenbosch, is an annual art workshop event led by artist Christelle du Plessis. After taking part in a portrait painting workshop in Rome from renowned artist David Jon Kassan, Christelle wanted to bring the experience to South Africa. esCAPEart now teaches intensive art workshops focussing on portrait and figurative painting.

All workshops use oil paints on canvas and take 5 days. Included in the workshops are models, easels, a light lunch and refreshments. A list of required paints and materials can be found on their website.

The workshops are challenging and live models are used. esCAPEart welcomes professional artists and beginners to take part in the collaborative experience. Artworks from previous workshops and models can be viewed on the esCAPEart website. Class sizes are limited to 13 people.

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