Dhamma Patākā Vipassana Meditation


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Farm, C21 Brandwacht Rd, Brandwacht, Worcester

Tel: +27 83 224 7507

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Dhamma Patākā, meaning ‘flag of Dhamma’, is the first Vipassana Centre to be established in Africa.

Established in 2005, the Centre runs a variety of meditation courses on a donation basis. All expenses are met by donations from those who have completed a course. As such the time of the Vipassana teacher and their assistants are voluntary.

The introductory course to Vipassana meditation is a 10-day programme where the meditation technique is taught step-by-step each day. The courses begin after a 2pm to 4pm registration period and orientation, followed by 10 full days of meditation and ending the morning of the 11th day by 7.30am.

Additionally, Work Periods have been set aside to work on Centre maintenance, construction, household and gardening projects. All Old Students are welcome to participate. The daily program includes three group sittings with morning and afternoon work periods. On selected evenings, there are tapes played of special discourses and talks that S.N. Goenka has given to Old Students.

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Wheelchair accessibility: No

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