Creative Parameters: Individual Videos

Each video must adhere to the following creative parameters:

- 3 mins max for edited video (but can be MUCH less)

- no roads or pathways to be blocked in the making of the video
- minimum equipment to be used
- natural light only
- filming permits are required in some areas (eg V&A Waterfront - apply via website)

- the opening scene must feature something that can be seen from the physical hotspot
- may be shot landscape or portrait
- high definition if possible (able to be stepped down if required)
- no text or logos to be added to the videos (credits will be given separately)

- Please ensure you have permission for any product placement from the hotspot Curator
- Avoid logos on clothes, caps, accessories etc
- Videos should not come across as adverts. This is entertainment.

Videos that have a ‘story’ will be given preference. Even a relatively simple performance video can be given a clear beginning, middle and end.

- Should be as good as possible
- To cement the connection between viewer and place, ambient sound should be layered within the soundtrack.

Music must be acknowledged. Preference is given to videos that use a South African-produced piece and have written permission for its use from the appropriate person/people.
NB We are working on partnerships with Bridges for Music, Cape Town Music Academy, Cape Town Opera, the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra and others. If any of these can be of help please contact us.

Submission of your video implies that you understand that the Curators of that particular hotspot, and Scene It, may use clips and screenshots of your videos for the promotion of the hotspot.

Ideally this video will bring you fame and fortune.
Our role is to drive engagement for you, but we encourage you to think about how best you can monetise this opportunity. Here are some ideas:
- Aim to get your costs covered by product placement ie clothes, accessories, venue, transport, activity. But ensure it works as naturally as possible, and you have permission from the hotspot sponsor.
- With the above, you may be eligible for a BASA supporting grant, by which BASA will supply you with extra funding specifically for marketing etc.
- Use your Call to Action to drive people to a BackaBuddy page that you’ve set up. BackaBuddy now offers recurring payment options (eg ask for a small amount to be donated monthly, like Patreon). We're also discussing a 'Wish List' system: anything from a transport budget to a marketing manager. You never know - people may donate their time to you, if not their cash.

Creative Parameters: Hotspots

Each hotspot must adhere to the following creative parameters:

- Performance area(s) must be spacious, well lit and clean

- hotspots should ideally be accessible 24/7
- hotspots must be wheelchair friendly
- no costs to be incurred for accessing the hotspot

- Each hotspot requires a clear policy on product placement of other brands: what type of product is allowed and what is not. We will help with this.

- Encouraged. We can help with this.
- NB Videos should not come across as adverts. This is entertainment.

- Curators must apply the creative parameters for individual videos as outlined above.
- Clips and screenshots may be taken from videos for your own use.

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